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Organizations Are Seeking to Staff Creative Leaders

Innovation has become the most sought after skill for executive level new hires.

Recently, I decided to return the the corporate work environment. After several years of consulting and driving strategy in the non-profit world, I wondered if the skills that made me employable were outdated. With much trepidation, I began to explore career listings on employment sites like Indeed and LinkedIn. Aside from being surprised at the amount of companies that were hiring for executive level individuals, I noticed the vast amount of organizations offering flexible and remote work schedules. But most importantly, I was also amazed to discover that my greatest “superpower,” was often listed in the “required skills” section of most of the postings. Creativity and Innovative thinking were among the top skills required. Having been an innovative thought leader for most of my career, I quickly learned that my skills were not outdated at all.

In its most recent “Future of Jobs Report” the World Economic Forum ranked Innovation and Creativity as the most sought after skills, above more traditional professional skills like leadership, stress control and persuasiveness. The Survey also revealed that listed among the increasing careers were creative roles like Software Developers and Digital Transformation Specialists. While careers in more operational roles like Accounting, Financial Analysts and Operations are decreasing in demand.

Are your current skills employable? Do you have what it takes to compete in a job market that is seeking creative thought leaders?

The great news is that even if you don’t think you are a creative individual, innovative thought leadership can be developed. I believe that we all are born to be creative. The tools we need have been inside us since we were children. They have just gone undeveloped or have lacked nurturing. In my most recent book, “The Creative Exchange,” I take a deep dive into what it means to be creative and provide some insights on how we all can increase our innovative capacity. You can develop the skill it takes to compete in todays job market.

Needless to say, after dusting off my resume and submitting it two just three companies that I desired to work for, I landed a great executive role with the primary task of innovating. I’m grateful for the years of imaginative play and career positions that allowed me to dream and strategize. Those past experiences gave me what I needed to remain competitive and employable. To ensure that I become a wellspring of new ideas, I exercise my creative muscle on a daily basis. This includes a few of the activities listed in The Creative Exchange.

If you want to stay fresh and learn more about the subject, order a copy of the book today! Then go CREATE!

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